Early Learning

Using the High/Scope philosophy, we provide opportunities for children to experience:

Active Learning:
Children are involved in direct hands-on learning with people, objects, ideas and events. Teachers support children in developing the High/Scope key experiences that target their intellectual, physical, social and emotional development.

Positive Adult-Child Interaction:
Adults observe and interact with children to discover how each child thinks and reasons and to support the development of the key experiences.

Rich Learning Environment:
The class is arranged in several clearly defined interest areas that enable children to choose, use and return materials in order to explore, invent and learn about their world.

Consistent Daily Routine:
A consistent daily schedule provides consistency for both children and adults. A daily plan-do-review process provides children the opportunity to pursue their interests, make plans, follow through on them, and reflect on their experiences with adults and their peers.

On-going Assessment:
Teachers record daily anecdotal notes on children's behaviors, experiences, and interests to assess each child's development and plan activities to facilitate their growth and development.